Greater things you will do…what if he meant what he said. Jesus promised great things, greater things than the apostles saw him do while on earth. Yet, we are satisfied to prayer a prayer and attend a church meeting. What if you could walk in the power of the resurrection not just the shadow of the cross. It is time for more than our natural way of thinking and doing things. It’s time for a Supernatural experience.


In September 2015 Providence School of Ministry launched with teaching and training for ministry and everyday life.  This practical and supernatural-focused training features live teaching and video resources from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  The one and two-year tracks will offer students an opportunity to connect with two of the most dynamic and far-reaching ministries in the United States today while learning from local leaders who graduated from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and served years in the Brownsville Revival. Pensacola is known for the outpouring that took place here in 1995, but God is not done in this city. His heart is to send revival once again from this place to touch the nations of the earth. Come be a part of history. Registration is open now. It’s time for you to live Supernatural! We have a rolling admission so you can join at any time.

Tuition-$50 per month


Registration/Application Fee-$50.00
 Please contact Pastor Wes or Pastor Becky at or call 850-463-0898 to register.