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LIFE Outreaches and Churches for Life
LIFE Outreaches is an outflow of James and Betty Robinson’s ministry and TV program Life Today! The mission of the various outreaches and the entire ministry is best described by this quote from their website:
“LIFE Outreach International is a Christian organization dedicated to sharing the transforming truth of God’s love in word and deed. The ministry encourages the support of missions and relief programs in areas of need throughout the world. Utilizing the tremendous potential of broadcast media to fulfill the mission, LIFE Outreach inspires believers to share the promise of life and hope with others.”
In 2009 God spoke to me, Wes, about water in Africa. I began to research then and continued to for many years. We looked at partnering with many non-profits or ministries working in Africa and other areas where clean water supply and good supply were in high demand. In the end we found LIFE Outreaches to be trustworthy, consistent, and effective at the two main goals we sought to reach and unashamed of the underlying cause (Acts 10:38):
 The Goals:
Do Good.
Bring Healing.
The Cause:
God with us!
As a part of Churches for Life we are enabled to partner with other groups of believers from many nations, many cultures, and of many sizes to see God’s Kingdom come to Earth as it is in Heaven. There is life in Jesus, not just in the hereafter, but also in the here and now. In partnering with Churches for Life and LIFE Outreaches, we can:
  • Help provide clean water.
  • Help provide food.
  • Help rescue people, primarily children, from human trafficking.

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Pastor’s Wes and Becky’s heartbeat is to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE. They truly believe that the best is yet to come. We would love to have you visit us soon. When you join us for a live gathering or watch online we believe you will see that Providence is- “A Place of H.O.P.E.”