It’s Time To Pray!

Pastor Wes Peaden

I heard about the fears of a Democratic President shutting down the country and people taking to the streets in protest doing back to the 1990s. I’m seeing some things play out differently than folks have said for years. Other things look eerily similar. 

I want to share something I have only talked about with a few close friends and only five people in complete detail. It starts in 2014. I have more to share from 2004, which ties into the below details starting in 2014, but that is for another time. 

Dreams and Visions:

In October 2014 I had a dream from which I awakened rather startled. It was a dream about the next President (the one to follow President Obama). There was much good and much warning in the dream. In the May of 2015, I had a separate dream that I knew was connected to the one in late 2014 due to some of the imagery and language. 

The President in the first dream did not look like President Trump but God’s view of him and why he would be the next President fits like a glove. At the time of the first dream, there was no serious consideration of President Trump running for office. In early April 2015, I had a dream in which I saw Hillary Clinton standing in the dark, in a closet, put aside. The doors of the closet open and she emerged into a press conference and announced she would be running for President while wearing a blue suit. The people who opened the door for her, in dark suits, whispered to each other that she would be the next President. I did not get the sense that these people, we might think of them as “King Makers”, were right. Hillary announced her run within the next few days. 

In May of 2015 I had the follow up dream to the one from October 2014. I will not go into the details of those two dreams in detail here. The details of the second dream are important for today. The May 2015 dream, started with an alarm sounding (in the dream) in my sleep. My family and I were traveling. We were staying on a hill outside of Washington D.C., in this dream. I would later travel with my family to DC (for the second time as a family) in 2018 and see the view of DC that I had seen in the dream. 

In the dream, I went to see if something was burning in the kitchen of the apartment we had rented for the week. The alarm sounded and I could smell smoke when I started moving around. All was fine in the kitchen but there was an eary feeling about what was going on outside. It was unusually bright for the dark of night and pre-sunrise hours of the morning. I opened the door of the apartment and could see fire in the District. There were military vehicles and helicopters visible as I stood there in shock. I went back inside to see what I could find out from the news and heard talk of mass protest that had risen quickly and turned violent in the night. The city was shut down as the morning awakened and the sunlight filled the room. I went back to the door to see a larger military presence. Only a few people were visible and they were being handled to keep the peace. Smoke still filled the sky in the District. The sunlight part of the dream happened after I had woken from the dream and set up slightly in bed. I saw the last portion of the dream with my eyes wide open and awake, like a vision. I was troubled and reminded of key words from the first dream in October of 2014. The President was warned in that first dream to listen to the counsel God would send or he would see destruction come and his time in office cut off. Over the last two weeks I have shared with my wife and one friend that I feel like I am seeing those dreams unfold in front of my eyes. 

Folks, pray for the President. Don’t pray wimpy, political prayers based on your preference or bias. Pray that he would heed God’s counsel. Pray that counselors who would lead him astray would be cut off. 

In the first dream a female Democratic leader in the Senate was deeply moved by God’s Spirit and began to cry out for mercy on our land. It silenced the room in which select leaders were present. There was breakthrough. In the second dream there was utter confusion, lack of direction, and dread filled the air. It felt like we were leaderless. It was a dark, ominous time. 

Pray for the President and all who advise him, not just his cabinet. May God use them and speak to him in these uncertain times. May his heart be pliable to God and man. May he be humble. 

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