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God’s Temple

God’s Temple By Brian Mason “Where’s God?”  Have you ever heard that before?  “My life’s a wreck!” “I’m at my wits end!”  “Where was God when this happened?” Many of us have heard those comments and yet from a study of scripture, you will see that it’s been God’s desire from the beginning to dwell…

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The Parent Trap

Have you ever seen the classic 1960’s movie “The Parent Trap?” It’s a fun movie about two preteen girls who meet at a camp and discover they are twins who were separated at birth. One girl grew up with the father, the other with the mother and they never knew the other parent. This happened…

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The Harvest

There was a town called Sychar, there was a woman who had been through five marriages. You could say that things had not gone so well for her. She was now living with a man she was not married to. I guess at this point she thought, ‘Why try to get married again?’ She was…

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