A nation in need

On America, the Beautiful

A nation in need


Our nation does not need a better economy

Nor more divisive talk of racial dichotomy

We need a change in our odd theology

That says God is fond of only my doxology

Or there is no God, because it’s all psychology

God is the source of love we all say we need

Yet, love is a choice not a feeling focused on me

There is a commitment in love stronger than death

A strength than cannot be bound by trivial mess

Love also has boundaries to keep us safe

It’s not an injustice to recognize our place

Each of us must know and embrace our role

If the mosaic patchwork of America is to be made whole

We are a country in need, there is no doubt

So, we must find a voice to God and cry out

The lost and the found joining together as one

Until we see the hope of all creation, the risen Son


Wes Peaden