Bear Fruit!
Don’t ever give up when you are growing!
It’s your season!

Faithfulness- it’s a word that is not popular anymore! Being true to your word, promise, or vows is something that gets lost when life becomes hard, hopeless, and difficult. I want to encourage you don’t ever give up on your dreams, your word, your vows, or your people. Sometimes life hits you hard and things can feel hopeless and make you feel like quitting. But remember you may be in a season of being planted. When you get planted things can be very dark. It’s dark down under the dirt. You may be a young plant. Seedlings grow deep roots for a time and sometimes they look like they are going to stay tiny forever. People can’t see what is below the surface in your life. You may look stuck, but maybe your not, maybe God wants you to grow deep roots down so when the time is right you will just explode with growth and new life! Those voices that are negative now will be the ones exclaiming at how fast your life changed for the better. If they could have seen below the surface and known God’s plan they wouldn’t have put you down or given up on you.
The culmination of plant life though is that fruit, vegetable, or flowering season where all the growing pays off. When you bear fruit! And let me tell you the fruit bearing time just slips up on you and before you know it you may just have a bumper crop! But remember your a plant that comes back every season, not one that has only one season to bear fruit! You may just bear one tiny fruit this season, but just be faithful because next year may be your time for the bumper crop!
So, don’t quit! Never give up on yourself, others, or the dreams God has placed in your heart. Make sure you are planted in good soil and watch in wonder what transformation is going to happen in your life and in your dreams! Remember too that the longer the tree or plant lives the deeper the roots grow and those early years of growing may look hopeless! Just get ready for a lifetime of growth and fruit and don’t worry about the setbacks. Just remember that the bad seasons are going to make you stronger in the end!